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About the DM

From an early age I’ve always been very interested in games and learning how to play them. So when I was introduced to D&D at the age of 20, I was amazed to see in how many different ways you can play depending on what a DM prepares and how the players interact within the game.

After playing with different groups of friends and finding what play styles I really enjoyed, I realised that I also wanted to make my own world and started to DM at the age of 22.
This has been the best choice I’ve ever made. I loved every adventure I got to prepare for my players, who always clearly enjoyed to go on mystical adventures and partake in them, however they liked.

After creating stand alone adventures for quite some time, I realised that I wanted to create more than small separate adventures. So, at the age of 24 I started the main task most Dungeon Masters always want to start: creating a full campaign from level 1 to 20.

Now at 25, I’m far from finished with this project, but I love to keep on writing new parts of the world, while often taking inspiration from players that are partaking in the new sessions I write.

While I do still run some shorter adventures on this website, and in different game stores, my true passion lies in the campaign I’m currently making, and I would like to share this project with anyone who is interested to play within this world.

This led me to create this website with friends, who share this love for storytelling and wish to share their wonderful stories with you, if you’d like to partake in them.

So if you are looking for an adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

Jesse Benschop, DM and founder of this website.

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