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Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons Den Haag!

Here you’ll be able to join as many games of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) as you desire.

Book a session with Dungeons & Dragons Den Haag (D&DH) and discover yourself how the Dungeon Master (DM) weaves your character into a story and experience lots of different adventures.

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We offer a wide variety of adventures: one shot and campaign, both in-person and online.

Together with the DM you’ll start spinning a story,  in which you’ll go through quests for treasure, fight battles with deadly foes, figure out elaborate traps and puzzles, take part in courtly intrigue and, much, much more.

New to D&D? Check our Frequently Asked Questions to get a deeper understanding about D&D.

Do you want to know more about the DM before joining their sessions? Check out the About the DM page to know more about his style and creative preferences.

Do you have any more questions that you felt were left unanswered and would like to have them answered before joining in a session? 

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